Congress Center in Krakow

Congress Center in Krakow -


Prize Winning Architecture

Over 8000 m2 of our Self levelling 10 mm thick Extreme topping flooring has been installed at the new ICE CONGRESS CENTER in KRAKÓW. The building has been designed by one of Poland’s leading architects Ingarden & Evy and is a new architectural point of reference in Kraków.

The continuous joint-less light cream coloured floor gives a feeling of open space and the organic shaped form coming down towards the Vistula River in a slight wave and the large glazed foyer integrate the congress and concert participants with the city. The participants can see the city and likewise,are perfectly well seen.

The open floor plans with its satin glow provide harmony between the different shapes and strong coloured red walls.

This multi-functional facility gained the main prize at World Architecture Festival in Barcelona 2009 in the category of future project/Cultural object. This year, after opening it has been awarded with the Platinium A’ Design Award 2015.